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The Echelon is an aggressive boss monster that spawns in the map Daisy Riverhead and Portsmouth Canyon. In Daisy it will spawn in the northwest corner of the map near a structure, and in Portsmouth it will spawn in the southeast canyon. They do not leave these spots unless they aggro a player, but they will always return if aggro is lost.


The Echelon attacks the player with powerful homing missiles that are fired in a lengthy barrage. These missiles can and most likely will one-shot all gears if they are not rolled. A secondary, "standard shot" attack exists but can be strafed.


This boss is the least dangerous of the Pan bosses but nonetheless is impossible to kill alone due to its high health and very fast HP regeneration, the missiles which are it's only attack can be avoided with a well timed roll but to kill this boss a full formation of high level players is recommended, high DPS from multiple players is required to out-damage the Echelons fast HP regeneration.

Attack Types
  • Missiles
Respawn Time
  • ?